Customer Testimonials & Reviews

February 2012

We wanted to build additional storage in our garage, in order to create long-term storage for items which we would rarely use. Initially we thought that it would be suspended from the ceiling with chains bolted into the ceiling joists. Country Living advised us that the joists were not designed to withstand the added weight we would be adding, as this storage area was going to be about 16' long and 4' deep. Instead, they designed a system which was fastened to the side walls on two sides and by a 4 x 4 post at one end. All of the actual work was performed in one day. The workmen were prompt, courteous and did an excellent job.

– David S., Highwood, IL

December 2011

Excellent job. Jon Michael was down to earth. They cleaned up after themselves. They were here one day to work and another day to clean up. They covered everything when they started painting. They were just outstanding I was very pleased with their work. As someone who doesn't know what remodeling entails it was a pleasure working with them.

– Mark F., Beach Park, IL

November 2011

It all went very well. The owner thoroughly explained the hows and whys of what he was doing. He arrived when he said he would, and I thought he was very professional and pleasant. In fact, a few days after work was completed, I received a personalized thank-you note in the mail. I feel his workmanship is high quality, and I certainly feel comfortable recommending this company to others.

– Darlene R., Buffalo Grove, IL

November 2011

This guy is a professional from start to finish. He was worth every penny and then some. His expertise and attention to detail is very hard to find these days. John is a perfectionist even if it ends up costing him time/financially. I have already contacted him for round two of the next batch of projects. At no time did he ever try to up-sell me. If anything, he made suggestions some of which were more financially beneficial to me then to himself.

- Jay A., Northbrook, IL